Events & Private Parties

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” -Leonard Bernstein Setting up a party can be as easy or complex as you want. We'd prefer you give us some time.


Offering the best VIP adult entertainment for any function or gathering, the Agency presents a variety of options when it comes to planning. Our team has all the connections you need to put together the ultimate event or party. Public or private, the Agency is happy to help you make your banger complete.    


Need a few beautiful escort ladies to make a private party a truly phenomenal experience? Enhance any group event by adding a few beautiful models into the cake mix. Our team offers private party companionship at your convenience. This includes a variety of services, such as:
  • Group booking assistance
  • Venue recommendation & booking
  • Featured entertainment


Escorts beautifully suited for any kind of event:
  • Private = Are you running a private VIP function looking to impress investors?
  • Public - Need models for a fashion show or business display?


Whether you need a couple of models to class up a private party or a more extravagant event, the Agency is capable of catering to your needs in any situation.


The most indulgent opportunities for any important person can be found on our concierge page. We offer a range of opportunities for clients seeking something extravagant to whet their appetite.  


Our concierge section features an array of miraculous experience for those wishing to indulge in the pinnacle of hedonism. Party Models     SPECIAL EVENTS WORLDWIDE When treating your clients or business partners to a special event, ensuring operations run smoothly is of the essence. Whether you’re hitting Vegas’s adrenaline-raising blackjack tables, partying in Mykonos or inviting them aboard a luxury yacht for a day-long party on the water in Hong Kong, hosting and entertaining VIP guests can become overwhelming. LET THE AGENCY HANDLE IT

This is where we come in. Not only will we provide bubbly, entertaining companions to brighten and enhance your event’s overall ambience, we are also able to recommend appropriate hotels, restaurants and assist in the chartering of boats and planes.

We can also suggest alternative ideas for corporate leisure, according to the degree of discretion required: from luxury ski trips to a weekend in Mykonos, from a British castle stay with hunting toFerrari weekends in Italy.

Moreover, should you require it, a highly efficient member of our Concierge team is available to fly with you to the destination of your choice to ensure that your corporate event is executed to the highest standards.

*Concierge is a complimentary service for customers only.
Terms and Conditions

VIP Escort & Celebrity Introduction Service

  • 1.1 THE AGENCY™ specialises in celebrity and VIP escort introductions. Representing incomparably high standards of accomplished talent including but not limited to cover and catwalk models, Hollywood actresses, Instagram stars, athletes, writers and entrepreneurs.
  • 1.2 THE AGENCY™ does NOT represent mainstream escorts.
  • 1.3 THE AGENCY™ casts in person and thoroughly screens all the talent.
  • 1.4THE AGENCY™ operations cover major global capitals, excepting the Middle East and India.

Concierge Service

  • 1.1 Catering for busy individuals who are accustomed to the finest things in life, our Concierge creates high-end scenarios for quality entertainment to fit the duration of one’s booking only. By advising on and helping secure exciting experiences and exclusive venues, THE AGENCY™'s Concierge team makes a booking with one of the VIP companions just perfect.
  • 1.2 Concierge service operates as a complimentary VIP service exclusively for THE AGENCY™ members.
  • 1.3 No Concierge services are offered without Introduction services.
  • 1.4 Considering that in most cases, hotel reservations and airplane tickets are dealt with by a Personal Assistant, THE AGENCY™'s Concierge does not provide reservations of this kind, with the exception of plane tickets for the talent.

Payment, Cancellation & Refund

  • 1.1 THE AGENCY™ arranges proposed services only after the payment is made in full.
  • 1.2 Payment can be made via a credit card or a bank transfer. No cheques please.
  • 1.3 Please bear in mind that we represent career-oriented talent, whose schedule is often rather tight and cancellations may affect it negatively.
  • In case a booking is cancelled up to 48 hours upfront a 20% cancellation fee is retained from the total booking amount.
  • In case a booking is cancelled up to 24 hours upfront a 50% cancellation fee is retained from the total booking amount.
  • In case a booking is cancelled less then 24 hours upfront, the full amount is retained by THE AGENCY™.


  • 1.1 THE AGENCY™ operates on the terms of ultimate discretion towards both customers and talent.
  • 1.2 Considering that both our customers and the talent we represent are high-profile individuals, both parties involved must sign non-disclosure agreements.
  • 1.3 Secure and gentle screening is performed by our sister concierge company. Your data will never be associated with any matchmaking service.
  • 1.4 Any kind of information used for identity verification, personal data and booking data will be destroyed immediately after the booking ends.
  • 1.5 No customer data is kept on file.
  • 1.6 Any kind of interactions via phone, email or bank transfer would be only executed with customers' permission and will remain ultimately discreet.
  • 1.7 THE AGENCY™ provides discreet invoices , secure encrypted debit and credit card payments and discreet receipts on the bank statements.
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  • 1.1 THE AGENCY is a legally registered and operated talent and marketing company that represents accomplished talent from diverse area of expertise that includes but is not limited to: fashion, film, professional sports and arts.
  • 1.2 Legal age restriction: All persons appearing on this website were 21 or older when the images were created.
  • 1.3 Proposed services: The talent booking fee is charged for corporate and personal social entertainment, that excludes any illegal activities. The fee is charged for the talents time only. THE AGENCY does not take any responsibility for any further consensual activities between the two adults, the talent and the customer.
  • 1.4 THE AGENCY does not employ the talent. It merely provides marketing representation and ensures the safety of the social encounter.
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